Little Pebble Beach

Little Pebble Beach
Halliday's Point
Lat: -32.09951 - Lon: 152.5224
Halliday's Point is about 15 km north of Forster and about 18 km south of Taree. Little Pebble Beach is a small but very nice little unofficial nudist beach with 8 to 10 local regular users. To get there turn off from the Lakes Way between Forster and Taree. It is about 6 km to Halliday's Point. Drive past the main beach and the hill and park near the Bowling Club. From here you walk down the track on the southern side of the club to the beach.

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Hi locals,
Is Little Pebble beach still a nudist beach or is there another one in the local area. Im a 60 yr old gent & enjoy being naked, period but especially on the beach & in the water.

Gee, I may be gay, but just love being naked on the beach, and it seems all these beaches that are unofficial nudist beaches are all being taken away from those who prefer the skin in the sun. We are born nude and go out nude in a coffin. Heck, are we turning into a prudish nation of those who think of more or less - less of the population - stick their heads in the sand. How about more beaches that a official nudist beaches and are policed so those who muck it up by confronting people are arrested and kept off those beaches.

This beach is now on a crack down :( police and rangers do spot checks and are issuing fines apparently. Just a heads up. Its sad cos these are awesome beaches and we have no designated budist beaches here.

It may be July but the sun was out just long enough to enjoy a couple of rays but it was too cold for a dip.

Had a little trouble finding the beach at first but the track is next to the Black head Bowling Club.

Only a short walk to the small beach but a very pleasant spot.

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