North Belongil Beach

North Belongil Beach
Lat: -28.61266 - Lon: 153.58366
There is a 600m section of the beach that is a legal clothing optional area. See directions below on where you should go. Other areas of the beach are patrolled by police & are not clothing optional.
There are signs at the large nature reserve car park right at the beach to explain the exact location of the clothing-optional area. There is NO nudity allowed north of the car park whatsoever. The legal clothing-optional area begins 200 metres south of the car park and ends 800 metres south of the car park. There are signs stuck up in the dunes to declare the beginning and the end of the clothing-optional section. Police are not patrolling this area. There is no nudity allowed anywhere else on this beach. Most days, there are enough nude people in the legal section to allow first-time visitors to see where to go in order to be legally nude at this beach.

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Tony & Diane didn't report back in 2012

I love this beach. Beautiful spot. Great people and always perfect. Remember only nude at designated areas as it is sometimes patrolled by police. I wear a thong to and from nude section. Easy fix. Anyway. Have fun. May see you there

Tony & Diane
We are going for the first time on Friday. Will report back.
Tony & Di

Sue & Jeff
Spent a lot of time this past summer here. Beautiful Beach, the sun shone, the water is perfect and plenty of couples. Which is important to us, as you feel part of scene.
We made a few acquaintances over the days we were there and enjoyed sitting in the waves with other couples talking about many things but always how great it was at Tyagarah.
The road to get there (Grays Lane) is unsealed and had to be traveled at a slow pace. but once there it is definitely worth the trip.
the beach is so big and walking hand in hand naked is such a great experience especially with our like minded friends.

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