Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach
Lat: -32.32932 - Lon: 152.54472
About one km north of Bulahdelah turn off the Pacific Highway and take the 'Lakes Way' route to Forster. This road winds its way through some very scenic country to Pacific Palms. Continue on to the Elizabeth Beach car park. From here it is a 10 minute walk along the track leading up the hill and over the ridge to Shelly Beach. If you are travelling south along the Pacific Highway you can turn off just south of Taree and go down through Tuncurry and Forster to Pacific Palms.

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One of the best beaches to visit all year round (weather permitting), clean, not too crowded, and blissful scenery.

I visited Shelly Beach over the Christmas new year period. Although crowded, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of nudes at the left hand end of the beach. It was my first visit to a nude beach and I felt completely at ease. Plenty of clothed families down the other end, but I never felt uneasy. Although a little nervous, it felt refreshing taking my clothes off. Beautiful beach and can’t wait to get back there, preferably in quieter times

Very new to the nudist beach scene, but went to Shelley beach today and felt completely comfortable with the many others that were at the 'nudist' end of the beach. Loved the whole experience. Even the close proximity of clothed beachgoers was not an issue at all.

I'm a naturist, yes, gay, but don't flaunt any sexual advances on people, just love the feeling of the sun on the whole of my body, and swimming in the ocean with no inhibiting swimmers, it's the freedom of being natural in nature. Look forward to moving down to this lovely area soon so I can use this wonderful part of Australia.

5 March 2019
Midweek in March, many older nude couples and singles, very relaxed, beautiful beach

Shelly beach is not NOT a legal nude place. I wish it be but not. one can find a place to hide here and there but out of school holidays.I do go there in the mornings is lovely with the warm sun and rocks.

Sarah - "Can anyone tell me what the go is? I've been told the rangers and police have been there the last two weeks issuing fines and nudity won't be tolerated any more here."

Hi Sarah, I'm a local and a regular there and I've not heard anything of this. The only people been arrested or asked to move on as far as I am aware are those who used to creep around in the hind dunes and perv or have sex. Last few weeks I've actually seen more naturists than ever before. Good mix of clothed and nudist people including families during the holidays and weekends especially. NPWS has erected signs at the illegal track those creeps had made telling them not to enter the hind dune area and are now fining and arresting them which is great. They also have cracked down on people taking dogs illegally into the park which was becoming common ever since Great Lakes Council made it legal on some sections of some council beaches at certain times, but this of course does not apply to National Park areas such as Shelly Beach.

Perc Runs
Shelley Beach, I called in today for first time. Easy to get to , a few couples but a bit surprised at number of textiles incl couple of families. Still, so long as they are aware there is nudity, no issues. Found the local slsc boat went past a few times. Water was wonderful....warm, clear, calm. Will def go again when next in the area.

Hey. Can anyone tell me what the go is? Ive been told the rangers and police have been there the last two weeks issuing fines and nudity won't be tollerated anymore here. Its my fave beach and so sad but i cant find anything to state this on websites ect yet. I know it was tollerated. But it appears now its not. Any advice or help appreciated. Last thing i need is a fine lol

Thank you

I found Shelly to be a lovely spot although being a single male nudist people do look at ya strange. Oh well the beers and the good book do it for me.

Hi greg if you see this thinking about being a nudist is a great start. It is not a sexual thing but it is about being free and not worrying about what others think.
The best way to get started is looking at the forums and talking to others and get naked where you feel confident even if that's at home then when you are ready try somewhere more public. It is hard to get your clothes off at first but when you do you won't want to put them back on.

As for the beach I am going to check it out today weather permitting

It may be July and raining on and off but it was still a great beach to wander along nude although the water was a little to cold for a dip. Well worth the walk into this beach.

God I so want to be a nudist but just not sure how to start. I think it would be good for everyone and also stop the "sexual perving" as if you see its all the time, like an arm or leg, its not sexual.

Lovely beach with a very protected outlook. Beautiful nude swimming experience but the only annoyance is people who bring their kids with them. Makes things a bit uncomfortable. Then again I'm one of those bizarre nudists that cover themselves in tan zinc lol

Shelly Beach according to local council web site is now a legal nude beach, and the signage also supports this stating "Shelly Beach, Nude Beach". When in the district I always make the effort to catch a few rays of sun.This beach is a well supported by both singles (Female & Male) and couples. Rarely do you see Textiles, and when you do most are first time nude beachers. Would recommend this beach to regular nudist and first timers.

Lovely beach, and well worth the trek over the ridge - the path is well travelled, and the council now have toilet amenities at Shelly Beach, which is a relief when caught short.

As you approach the beach, the first entrance down to the beach will take you to the unofficial nude end (the left end as you look out to sea). The Right-hand end of the beach is almost exclusively textile. You do get some family groups walking in via the first entrance, and sometimes there will be some nervous glances or giggles, but mostly there is no issue.

There is no shelter on the beach, so being a portable shelter of some sort for the middle part of the day.

Its a nice protected beach which is fairly calm for swimming. But as its an unofficial nude beach I guess its clothing optional and there will be nudists and non-nudists visiting. Wish I had someone to go to this beach with to share the nudist experience... Expect people to look as well, as you can't expect people to walk around with their eyes closed, the thing is not to stare and hopefully not be stared at.

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