Birdie Beach

Birdie Beach
Lat: -33.20442 - Lon: 151.60904
Legal beach
Birdie Beach can be reached by travelling along the expressway from Sydney and taking the Newcastle exit. Follow the Pacific Highway through Doyalson to Lake Munmorah. At Lake Munmorah take Elizabeth Bay Road at the traffic lights. Continue until you see the entrance to the Munmorah State Recreational Area on the left. Turn into the park and follow the signs to the Birdie Beach car park. There is a fee per vehicle to enter the park. There is a nice camping area just off the beach with cooking facilities, plus a toilet block but no hot showers.

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My wife and I went to birdie beach around a week ago, it was our first experience at a nude beach and at first we were a little nervous. But after seeing all the couples and every day people there it didn’t take long to feel at ease! My wife went topless at first while I stripped and went down to the water for a swim, it was very liberating and I felt very comfortable. After a while my wife decided to go nude and we had a great afternoon!!
We’ll definitely be back😀

Moved to Munmorah 5yrs ago when I retired live 10 minutes from Birdie go there when ever I can wife doesnt go any more . I love the freedom of being nude friendly people a lot of guys my age their wives dont go getting to old they say.Hope I never get to old love the freedom ,on weekdays you have older couples and weekends younger couples most days a good mix of couples and singles I have noticed lately more single women coming to beach. Birdie is a beach you can go to all year round if suns out I do.

I live in Blacktown, It is about 1 hour an 45 min drive, but it is worth it I think. Every one is nice there, No judging, Very skinny to very big people there, both young an old, you can talk to any one there. You have to pay to get in which is not much. I get there about 6am an leave when it starts to get hot about 11.30am. The best thing is no one worry or cares what you look like nude. The feeling of freedom. The only bad thing is that I have to put my clothes back on to go home.

Today was my first time at Birdie, and I have been on the Coast for 6 years. My usual beach is Ocean at Umina (5 minutes from my home). I have to say I have never felt so comfortable as I did today. I'm always a little self concious walking from my towel down to the water at Umina..., and that's in a pair of swimmers..! Walking down to the water at Birdie, I had no such reservations. I just knew, no-one was judging me, no one gave a toss. Sooo liberating. Some people talk of single male perverts on the beach..I must have been in the wrong spot..I certainly didn't see them But then, I wasn't looking for them. Were you...! Thank you to every wonderful person on Birdie on Friday the 17 January you were all so beautiful.

A good beach the signs for no nude bathing are only on one side you can enter at the bottom of the carpark and walk down the track follow the inlet creek and there is a good spot for the kids very warm water and shallow.mostly men but family too when we were there.

there are signs everywhere saying no nude bathing. what gives? has this beach been redesignated?

i went nude for the first time.birdie beach is fantastic.ive been back 3 times now and will continue.i am a 50 something man and was slightly put off by some other 50 something men who appeared to be their for other reasons,i also hope meeting other regulars as i am single and feel like some look at me and think that im a perv.

julie n geoff
We have been there several times and luved it everytime, the wreck was exposed once , and have meet some nice people at the beach , great beach and rocky areas to sun yourself, therearea few wackos but hey they are everywhere these days. nice rocks to walk on but u do need thongs or rock walkers as the rocks are very sharpe, will be back soon and nice areas for photos.

Perc Runs
Semi regular visitor. Am married but wife not a beach person. I tend to keep to myself there bt find it ok. As i go on my own i have occasionally asked for someone to put blockout on my back which i appreciate as hate sunburn!!. Nice beach for a swim or body surf but bit of a current at sth end. Easy parking. Have noticed a few pervy older guys nr dunes which im not keen on. Not being sezual but doesnt seem to be many women there. Still, as the nearest legal nude beach i like it.

I met my old girlfriend (were still very good friends and both naturists) on Birdie Beach.
After removing your clothes, the rest is easy. Naturism is a great way for women and men to explore their sexuality/understand their coexistence with natures beauty.

Went there in March for my first ever nude beach experience. Felt instantly comfortable, maybe because there weren't too many people around. Those that I could see were all men - when do the ladies visit? Beautiful place though. Can't wait till it warms up a bit so I can go again.

Jo Groom
I would like to find out if it is possible to ride horses at Birdie Beach. I am the Vice President of Wollombi Trail Rider's Club and we would like to find somewhere that a group of very responsible riders (insured through ATHRA) could visit for a 1 - 2 hour beach ride.

Birdie Beach is a wonderful place to spend some time and catch up with friends and or make new ones like everywhere in our society there are a few sick puppies who have the wrong conception of social nudity they rarely last more than a few visits. Social nudity is really about the freedom of being comfortable with your body whatever the shape. A wise tip particularly for females DON'T stay at the first point closest to the car park walk right up to the rocks at the northern end there you will find the regulars and couples sit in amongst these people remember predators always prey on those on the edge of the group don't be self-conscious we all started off this way and you can easily get support from them. You mostly likely find its a smorgasbord for women who are looking for a genuine man.

Sue and Jeff
Visited for the first ever time yesterday (Saturday), very pleasantly surprised by how nice the beach is, and also that there were a lot of couples there as well. yes there is a lot of single guys but we guesstimate there were about 15-20 other couples. the lake/pond is very pleasant and the ocean consistent for body surfing. already planning our next visit.

Great spot, but an overpresence of '50 something' year old males (wearing only a baseball cap) walking around aimlessly the whole time near where everbody was laying. Bit strange. Nice place though.

Birdie is a pretty beach with some rock pools to the north end. There is the mainly male presence but I feel comfortable there. There is a riverlet with shallow water if the water is too cool. Ample parking is close by and a short walk to the north end.

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