Naturist holidays and beaches in Poland

Rowy Naturist Beach 

Rowy is about 20km north of Slupsk, just north west of Lake Gardno and near the border of Slowinski National Park.
Międzyzdroje-Lubiewo Naturist Beach 

This beach is situated near Międzyzdroje, close to the German border, and is one of the most up-market resorts on the Polish coast.
Dębki Naturist Beach 

The village of Dębki is about 50km north of Gdańsk. The beach is famous for its fine-grained, golden sand and clean water.
Gdańsk-Stogi Naturist Beach 

The beach is east of Gdańsk. When you get to the beach, go right and walk about 1 km. The nude section starts here.
Piaski Naturist Beach 

Piaski is a small village on the far-east end of the Polish coast, close to Russian border, 12 km east of Krynica Morska.

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