Nudist vacations in the Americas

Burning Man Festival
The Burning Man Festival is an annual gathering where anything goes that takes place at Black Rock City — a temporary community erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. read more
The Valentine's Nude Love Parade, San Francisco 2016-02-13
About a quarter to 12:00 noon Gypsy Taub's group showed up with posters and started the usual set-up on Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro district. read more
International "Go Topless" Day Celebration, Dolores Park, S.F. 2015-08-23
This minor event was advertised in FunCheap, and in the good weather the park was crowded by sunbathers., picnicking with food and drinks, and many playing their boomboxes. read more
Nude Protest Against SB277, the Forced Vaccination Bill, 2015-09-05
Jane Warner Plaza, S.F. Arriving shortly before 12 noon, I saw the team bringing in posters proclaiming the cons of the Senate Bill. read more