Nudist vacations in the Americas

International "Go Topless" Day Celebration, Dolores Park, S.F. 2015-08-23
This minor event was advertised in FunCheap, and in the good weather the park was crowded by sunbathers., picnicking with food and drinks, and many playing their boomboxes. read more
Nude Protest Against SB277, the Forced Vaccination Bill, 2015-09-05
Jane Warner Plaza, S.F. Arriving shortly before 12 noon, I saw the team bringing in posters proclaiming the cons of the Senate Bill. read more
Video: Protest agains the San Francisco nudity ban
Protest against the San Francisco nudity ban on February 1, 2015 - second anniversary of the ban. Speeches were made by George Davis, Rusty Mills, Jaymz Smith and Gypsy Taub. read more
Emergency Protest, San Francisco, 2015-08-06
One of the leading SanFrancisco body freedom activitis George Davis is facing 3 months in jail for making a nude speech in Washington DC. read more