Samurai Beach

Samurai Beach
Lat: -32.76312 - Lon: 152.12952
Legal beach
To reach Samurai Beach, sometimes referred to as North One Mile Beach, leave the Pacific Highway north of Raymond Terrace and head for Nelson Bay on Port Stephens. To the south of Nelson Bay go in to Anna Bay and then head north along the coast road to Samurai Point. Alternatively you can continue almost in to Nelson Bay then turn right and follow the coast road back.
    There are several routes in to the beach itself. If you park at One Mile Beach at the southern side of Sandfort Caravan Park you must walk north along the beach for about 1 km to a rocky outcrop. The clothes optional area starts 200 metres north of here. From Middle Rock Caravan Park there is a track through the sand dunes to the beach. Slightly north of this park there is a four wheel drive track leading on to the beach.

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I recently visited Samurai on three occasions, one being Australia Day, and found it to be a very friendly, welcoming and enjoyable setting. A good mix of singles, couples and families as well as some being clothed and others nude meant all were comfortable. No inappropriate behaviour nor persons from my experiences. Highly recommended.

NSWNPWS Signs clearly state,
•No fires.
*All campers must have a camping toilet and all sewage must be disposed of in an authorised facility.
*No dogs.
*No driving on sand dunes.
*No unregistered vehicles.
*Fines apply.
Police and Rangers patrol this beach, it is classed as a public road.
If you don’t like these rules please camp elsewhere.

Went here with my partner for some nude tanning and swimming as we usually do in Sydney (we were on holidays in port Stephens) and disgusted to find people committing sexual acts and wanking next to us openly.

Perc Runs
Had first proper visit late yesterday afternoon. Basically just after a quick dip and a walk. Noticed it seemed to be mostly the 4WD types, unfort a few pervy guys nr the One Mile end but a friendly lady gave me lowdown on the place which i appreciated. Next time ill need to find a better or quicker place to park. Is it safe to take an SUV on to? Would definitely go back.

Michael Connolly
The 2011 Samurai nude beach picnic day was great! there was egg & spoon races, sack races (I came 2nd) body painting competition, beach golf, hole in the bucket race & a raffle draw with nude accomadation as prizes...

It was estimated that approx 300 people attended on the day & there was a fairly even mix of men/women & children... ages 5-85 in fact!

It was a really organised event by Coast And Valley Naturists (CAVN) There was also many other clubs present, such as Kiata Country club, Dubbo Naturists, Baretracks & many more!

Michael Connolly aka Cokebottle from
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Nude aint rude!

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