Miners Beach

Miners Beach
Port Macquarie
Lat: -31.46219 - Lon: 152.93541
From Port Macquarie head south along Pacific Drive to Shelly Beach (not to be confused with Shelly Beach in Elizabeth Bay). The local council has built a boardwalk from here to Miners Beach which is an unofficial clothing optional beach. There is also a track to this beach from Lighthouse Road.

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I spend most sunny afternoons after work here as I'm a nudist and love sunning and swimming at Miners Beach. It's safe and no one worries you, although down the southern end I've noticed if you're that way inclined, you can easily get what your desires want most days. I spend weekends and holidays there, no need to go many other places. It's an unofficial nude beach, but most people who go there are good and don't worry others.

Spent the summer of 2006/7 working in Port and spent all my spare at Miners beach. The number of people there wasn't high, maybe 10 or 12 at the most.
Access to the beach was either a 10 minute walk from Shelley Beach, where there was plenty of parking. The walk along the path and boardwalk was easy. Miners Beach was the second beach that you come to and there is plenty of space on the beach. Nudist used any of the beaches along the path.
The beach was mostly used by men, There were some women but they were a rarity.
I would walk along the beach every morning and evening and swim nude.
I never felt unsafe and would recommend Miners Beach to anyone.

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