San Francisco Body Painting Day 2016-10-23
On Sunday October 23rd, a group of talented artists painted 25 nude models outside Ferry Building. Bodypainting Day is organized and founded by NYC artist Andy Golub who has been painting bodies in the public streets of NYC since 2007. read more
Nude Summer of Love Parade, San Francisco 2016-08-07
Around 11:30 am the crew arrived, i.e. Gypsy Taub and her family, plus a couple of helpers. As usual they set up posters and got folding chairs in a line so the nudes could stand up on them and better be seen. read more
Body Freedom Lovers Nudist Contingent at the Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco 2016-06-26
Despite the pronounced readiness time at 12 noon, the group of nudists didn't materialize till 12:30p.m. when organizer Gypsy showed up with her family on Main Street in San Francisco. read more
Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco 2014
Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco, 21 September 2014. All photos by Leif Heilberg. The Folsom Street Fair is an annual leather and clothing optional street fair held in September in San Francisco's South of Market district. read more
Up Your Alley Fair, San Francisco
Up Your Alley Fair, San Francisco, 27 July 2014. Normally I would go to this type of fair just when they open, usually at 11am, and stay at most an hour or an hour and a half, when the place becomes oppressively crowded, hard to walk through, and harder to get enough space to take any pictures. read more
St. Francis Nudity Ban Protest
St. Francis Nudity Ban Protest, 26 June 2014. All photos by Leif Heilberg. Jeff Wheeler invited us to World Naked Bike Ride – San Francisco’s event: 11th Annual World Naked Bike Ride – 2014 Northern Hemisphere Edition Pt. read more
WNBR, San Francisco, 2014
Jeff Wheeler invited us to World Naked Bike Ride – San Francisco’s event: 11th Annual World Naked Bike Ride – 2014 Northern Hemisphere Edition Pt. 1 Saturday, June 14, 2014, 10:30am – 5:30pm at Justin Herman Plaza. read more
World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco
Any excuse for some nudity. Rather few people showed up for this event, perhaps a couple of dozen, and most came somewhat late. Then there was one single woman among the men, and that was it. read more
5th Annual World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco
8th March 2014 - The event was advertised by postings on the Internet, and a few new people showed up, beside the regulars. Although folks were advised to show up at 11:00 a. m. , there was hardly a soul around at that time. read more
New York Magazine shoot in San Francisco
Arriving at Jane Warner Plaza about 10:45 a.m., there were only a couple of semi-nude men around, and another couple came within the next fifteen minutes. However, we wondered where the main activist Gypsy was, and possibly others to join her in the day’s event, namely a shoot destined for New York Magazine. read more
Nudity Ban Protest: 1-Year Anniversary
Scheduled for 12 noon at Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco, the protesters started setting up around 11:45 a. m. , with posters galore as usual. Gypsy and Jaymz were busy fixing the “stage” for their one hour protest while the San Francisco SS watched them carefully, to see if anyone sneaked in nudity early in the presentation. read more
Join the Nude Revolution
Following up on last year's successful American Association for Nude Recreation NudeU/Youth Ambassadors (AANR NUYA) event, which brought together over 20 young adults from as far away as Brazil, the 2008 program promises to be even more revolutionary. read more
An interview with a nudist
Hardfire, the libetarian magazine program, discusses nudism. . . . read more
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