Body Freedom Lovers Nudist Contingent at the Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco 2016-06-26

Despite the pronounced readiness time at 12 noon, the group of nudists didn't materialize till 12:30p.m. when organizer Gypsy showed up with her family on Main Street in San Francisco. At the same time some men, by later count actually ten, started removing their clothes on the sidewalk. Then Gypsy and Inti, the only two females in the contingent, undressed, as did Inti's two brothers.

The half hour delay in starting up, was only normal for most contingents as a look around proved. Only at about 10 minutes to 1:00pm did the parade manager have the nude group go out on the street and practice the planned set-up, and a couple of minutes later he chased the nudes back aside, since other contingents behind them were ready to march out.

Then Gypsy had group pictures taken at 1 p.m., and at I:08 pm the group was asked to march off. It was endlessly noisy, from loud speakers, instruments from a marching band, etc. At 1:15pm the nudes reached the corner of Market Street, but now again was shoved aside for a larger and more ready group that also featured a truck. But a minute later, the nude group could leave Main Street and go around the corner onto Market Street.

On Market, spectators stood 4 to 5 deep on the sidewalks, behind the security fence, so one couldn't follow the marchers by attempting to keep up with them on Market Street.

Anyway, Gypsy is dynamic and perseverant and puts herself and her family on the line for such naturist promotions. She may have a few detractors, but she does whatever is possible with the cooperating naturists, and she emphasizes total nudity, not just topless or masked participants. "Drop your pants and panties!" she says.

Leif Heilberg, June 2016.

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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