Up Your Alley Fair, San Francisco

Up Your Alley Fair, San Francisco, 27 July 2014

Normally I would go to this type of fair just when they open, usually at 11am, and stay at most an hour or an hour and a half, when the place becomes oppressively crowded, hard to walk through, and harder to get enough space to take any pictures.

However, this time a scheduled nude dance for 3pm, organized by Gypsy Taub in coordination with Mr-S-Leather store, made it imperative for me to arrive later and leave close to 4pm. So, I entered the fair at around 1:30pm, walked through the crowds of leather-fetishists, and saw fewer nudes, greeted a few nudists that I recognized, and grabbed a few pictures here and there. Mr & Mrs Pete Sferra were here, a new face with them, Katerina, and her Satanist outfitted friend, and of course, Gypsy Taub and George Davis at the booth advertising the nudity ban protesters.

The persons stripping nude and dancing on the dance platform for a minimum of 15 minutes, after having filled in a registration form, were then eligible by random lottery to win various kinky prizes, and the big prize, a $500 gift certificate for Mr-S-Leather store. Pretty Davey Faye Jones was also present, with a friend. Ray Borkowski is always seen at these events, and he is a veteran nudist, hard to miss.

Leif Heilberg, June 2014
All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc., vikingphoto@earthlink.net

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