New York Magazine shoot in San Francisco

23rd February 2014

Arriving at Jane Warner Plaza about 10:45 a.m., there were only a couple of semi-nude men around, and another couple came within the next fifteen minutes. However, we wondered where the main activist Gypsy was, and possibly others to join her in the day’s event, namely a shoot destined for New York Magazine.

By 11:15 a.m. she had arrived, and shortly thereafter a now semi-nude woman from a chair nearby, came to join the party. Gypsy got down to wearing only a little knitted skirt, toplessness still being allowed in San Francisco. Then another couple came to join us, and both he, in a wheel chair, and she, very slender and with lots of tattooed text lines imprinted on the right side of her body, got semi-nude. A young guy came and presented himself as a photographer from Los Angeles, the person who was to do the coverage for the New York Magazine.

Luckily the weather was good, sunny and not very windy. A variety of pictures were taken at the same basic position/location, and then Gypsy suggested it was time to be nude – not just semi-nude. The small group did that, and so and so many pictures were taken. Then the group moved across the Plaza to where the next streetcar was waiting to depart, and posed in front of it. Being the terminal for the F line of old, imported streetcars converted to work in San Francisco and used primarily for tourist purposes, it was fun to have today’s nude group pose with an age-old looking streetcar.

Finally, the group quickly dressed again, to the semi-nude state, for a police patrol car had arrived at the corner Chevron station, not for gasoline but – obviously – to inquire into the reported nudity. An anti-social individual had called the police. Too bad, cop! Now no-one was legally “nude” and thus could not be cited.

The group then walked a short distance down Market Street and stopped at a restaurant called “Cisou”, and went in to have some pictures taken there. However, the restaurant was chock full of customers, both at the tables, at the counter, and standing at the front end.

Gypsy, the slender woman, and Rusty climbed upstairs to the balcony and had a few pictures taken there, being semi-nude. Then they exited and were looking for somewhere else to go to possibly have nude pix taken at some store, possibly in the Haight district. At that time, both George Davis, Lloyd and others left the party, and I went home.

Leif Heilberg

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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