Naturism in Galicia, Spain

Cala de Insua 

A small cove that is less than 100m long broken by rocks into several patches of sand.
Playa de Bascuas 

This well-attended beach is a fairly small cove of just 100m in length where almost everyone goes nude.
Playas del Parque Natural de Carreirón 

Nudity is more likely to occur on the coves of the southern and western sides of the peninsula, which are secluded from the parking area.
Playa de O Vilar 

The area near the parking lot is crowded and textile. As you walk north, the crowd becomes sparser and nudity is common.
Playa de Espiñeirido 
Santa Uxía de Ribeira Galicia
A quiet beach but nudity is common amongst those who do visit.

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