Naturist holidays in Valencia, Spain

Playa de Tusales 

Facing the sea, turn to your right and walk south, in a few minutes you will reach the start of the nude area which is roughly 800m long.
Playa de Cuartel Vell 

Nudity is possible just about anywhere along the 8km beach within the boundaries of the Parc Natural del Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca.
Cala Argilaga 

Argilaga is a pebbly cove that extends about 150 meters. It is completely undeveloped, quiet and nudity is common.
Playa del Saler 

An 800-meter-long stretch toward the southern end of the beach (but not at the extreme end) has been formally designated for nude bathing.
Playa de Sant Llorenç 

The far south end of Playa de Sant Llorenç is signed as a nude beach

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