Naturism in Galicia, Spain

Playa de Melide 

Publicized as a nude beach and draws a mixed nude and textile crowd. There are numerous other rocky coves on the island where nudity is common.
Playa de Lagoa de Louro 

Much of the beach is sufficiently isolated for nude use (particularly the central and southern areas), and nude bathing is fairly common.
Playa de Ponzos 
Covas Galicia
A 1.4km long beach. Naturists gather toward the more remote eastern end
Playa del Castro de Baroña (Arealonga) 

A small but popular nude beach of about 350 meters in length.
Playa de Combouzas 
A Coruña Galicia
This is the most popular nude beach in the immediately vicinity of A Coruña

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