Little Congwong Beach

Little Congwong Beach
GPS: Lat: -33.99133 - Lon: 151.23819
Unofficial naturist beach
Make your way to La Perouse on Botany Bay and park in the car park just north of Bare Island. Walk down the steps to Congwong Beach then left across the rocks to Little Congwong Beach, the second bay. This beach is very popular on summer weekends.


Sue and Jeff
visited here for the first time a couple of weeks ago, not overly impressed. It was busy, being a couple we were very very much in the minority(read one other couple) and there was very little beach left and all wet sand. not our type of beach.

I totally agree! being naked @ little congwong beach is as good as it gets!!!...whether,on the sand,around the rocks,up in the bush trails,you feel completely free & as tho you aren't even in a big city, since the view is facing towards cronulla, across botany bay..feels very private,(my girlfriend & i are also regulars),&love to swim in the clear,clean water..(both being being waxed feels even more naked)..explore the rocky peninsular & bushland.

We find other nudists there to be friendly &'s pretty cool in regards to people being aroused/playing about..(we've seen m-f couples & groups of men discreetly enjoying each other since we've been going...) it gets all ages & types, but really most people are just there to enjoy what comes natural- being nude outdoors & maybe meet a friend or two!..@ sydney's best nude beach!

P.S. can anyone tell me what samurai beach & scene is like? & of any naturist groups, clubs or retreats near the sydney area? we wood be most appreciative. thanks

Little Congwong is an idyllic but smallish beach - it can be busy on weekends so mid week is much better particularly at low tide.
The midweek regulars are friendly and include some couples - very relaxed and friendly - try it

Grant Judd
Fantastic nude beach. We (my girlfreind and I) go there all the time. There no perverts like in some other nude beaches. It's a bit male denomiated. I been a nudist for 15 years (I'm 41). I've been to almost every nude beach in Sydney. Little Congwong is in my aponion the best.From my place Warwick Farm we can be on the sand within 30 minutes. Fantastic nude beach.

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