Druridge Bay

Druridge Bay
Lat: 55.2584 - Lon: -1.56296

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John (W-H).
Tom is correct, this is not a 'registered nudist beach' but that is irrelevent.
Druridge Bay has been used by naturists for many years and is perfectly legal for such use.
It is a public beach, a place 'of traditional naturist recreation' and as such one is under no obligation to whomsoever to dress.
It is not realised that public nudity per se is not illegal, it all hinges on intention of ones action; whether one is intending or is careless as to causing offence or outrage to others. Routine beach use does not have that intention.
Use it on all sunny days that you can!

Worth noting that this is not a registered nudist beach, and if you ring to enquire, you will be told to stay clothed. However - if you get the chance to go one mild/warm evening for a walk down the beach, there really is nothing quite like it!

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