Fraisthorpe Beach

Fraisthorpe Beach
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Lat: 54.04543 - Lon: -0.2126
A large beach with space for both naturists and non naturists. See review below for more information and encouraging more naturists to use the beach.

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I have been to the Beach a few times in last few weeks when the weather has been very nice. The naturist beach is just after the river and extends about 500 meters southwards. you do see a few naturists before the river but they are close to the start point. It is advisable to take a windbreak as there can be a sea breeze. there are no dunes it is on the beach. People see the windbreaks they tend to ignore you and leave you alone. the dog walkers and horse walkers are pretty good controlling their dogs. people know it is a naturist area too. it gets quiet about 1400hrs at which time, the adventurous can take a stroll right allong the beach or go into the water as some do. the parking at the Fraiserthorpe top car park is very good. it only cost £5 for a whole day or less hours cost less, cash or card taken. There is a cafe at the car park and toilets. there is a sign as you enter the beach from the car park which says this is not a naturist beach, this refers to that immediate part of the beach where families etc tend to congregate, you are turning south, thats right, on entering the beach. walk about 1km until the river, you will see the pill box also(see picture), your on the naturist part of the beach. there has been a few people going to this area, more as the weather has been good, singles and couples. Give me a shout if your going, I only live ahour away from Fraiserthorpe, Hope this helps.

have been there for the first time today had my wind breaker with me i felt so free would be nice to meet some nudeists

I have to endorse Andrew's review below.
The misleading sign at Auburn Farm car park (now a pay & display) is still there, though slowly deteriorating but the car park now has an adjacent cafe. Alternative free parking is at Barmston caravan park, a slightly longer walk.
The area used by naturists is circa 400 metres to the south either side of Auburn Farm, where the Earls dyke stream flows into the sea.
Conveniently there are now a group of wind turbines just inland so one can judge where best to position onseself!
This is effectively Yorkshire's only nude beach (Cayton Bay used to be used & Easington is still visited by our more solitary brothers & sisters) & while it is not as busy as twenty years ago there are still a good few regulars & visitors who keep the tradition alive.
As Andrew says, at low tide it is an expansive beach but at high tide the beach shrinks so naturists, dog walkers and equestrians mingle without rancour.
You will be sure of a good Yorkshire Naturist welcome!
Feel free to enquire further:

We're from the south but visited Fraisethorpe on a very busy Friday in September, mostly dogwalkers with just 3 naturists apart from us. £3 to park, not sure what that pays for! The misleading sign about "acts of indecency" is still there but the wording doesn't actually prohibit naturism (well, it can't because naturism is not unlawful).
Vast beach with plenty space for everyone, had nice chats with a few dog walkers who passed us and no adverse reactions from anyone. Went for a swim in the sea, it's possible even at low tide. Due to its easterly aspect, you get the best combination of sun and shelter from the wind earlier in the day. By 4pm the low cliffs (which are the only protection from the wind) cast long shadows. There's a jumbled line of concrete blocks which offer potential shelter but the sand there is damp with little pools.
I encourage more genuine naturists to use this beach, the natives are friendly and it's a great spot to enjoy our glorious coast in the most natural way possible.

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