Naturist holidays in Catalonia, Spain

Playa de Can Comes 

Can Comes is the 4km sandy beach between the mouths of the rivers Muga and Fluviá. Nudity is common beginning a bit south of the camp site.
Playa de Pals 

Playa de Pals is a broad, sandy beach several kilometres in length. Each end of the beach has development, but the middle area is used by naturists
Cala Estreta 

A secluded beach on the northeast side of Palamós, and it is popular despite the fact that the closest parking is about 2km away.
Cala Figuera 

Cala Figuera is set aside for naturists and can be accessed via the Cala Llevadó camp site.
Playa de la Boadella 

On quiet days naturists tend to be a majority and spread out but on busy days they tend to gather at each end.

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