Naturism in the Aegean Islands

Magazia Beach 
The town beach here is the island's nudist beach! It is the one south of Magazia, known locally as Tou Papa to Homa.
Faliraki Beach 
Rhodes Dodecanese
Located southwest of the main town in its own small cove and is the only officially recognised nudist beach in Rhodes.
Banana Beach 
Skiathos Sporades
Banana beach is one of the most famous naturist beaches in Greece. However the number of textiles is increasing.
Polemi Beach 
Kos Dodecanese
Most visitors to Polemi Beach go nude, both at the umbrella area and on the remote stretch to the east.
Halikiada Beach 
Halikiada usually has a number of “hippy types” camping along the beach and nudity is usually accepted.

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