Banana Beach

Banana Beach
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Lat: 39.14922 - Lon: 23.39176
Banana beach is one of the most famous naturist beaches in Greece. However the number of textiles is increasing.

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D. Hamman
Banana Beach on the Greek island of Skiathos is where my wife and I were introduced to the naturist lifestyle. (I never thought I would ever appear in public nude) This year, 2012, we will be spending our eighth holiday there. The island is very rural and has only about 12 miles of road, and one bus route, the rest of the island is sandy tracks through the trees so be prepared to do a lot of walking but if you do drive take a spade to dig your vehicle out of the sand!!There are a number of beaches where naturism is common and a few where you may find more clothed people than naturists. If you think you would never have the courage to strip off in public do not panic. I was shy for about two minutes and it has never bothered me since. There is a bit of night life in the town of Skiathos but we stay away from that as it is not our cup of tea. One word of warning however. The airport runway is very short so landing and taking off is a bit exciting but we have never ended up in the sea on our eight visits (so far!!) The best way to describe Skiathos is "Heaven on earth"

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