Polemi Beach

Polemi Beach
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Most visitors to Polemi Beach go nude, both at the umbrella area and on the remote stretch to the east.
Access to the beach is from the main road from the airport to Kefalos. About 6Km before Kefalos, there is a tarmac road that leads down to the beach which is sign posted Magic beach. Follow the road down, passing a restaurant on the right hand side and at the bottom the beach splits in two. The beach on the right hand side is Magic Beach which is non-nudist. Turn left and follow the stoney road to the car park which is about 500m from the end of the tarmac road. This is Polemi beach.

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It is a nice beach if you stay out of the dunes. The man that rents the sunbeds doesn't want any people in the dunes close to his sunbeds. Afraid that couples, and gays, will get too intimate. So he puts a very good friend of his, in the dunes, who will beat up every person, or at least every single man that comes to walk and enjoy the nature. If he can't scare you away, he will trow stones at you and attack you. A religious pervert I am afraid that hates gay people and hates every naked person that he thinks is gay. He is often hiding in the dunes and watching the beach. Very poor guy and working together with the person renting the sunbeds.
They are very conservative greeks and obviously prefer older couples "their" beach and really hate gay people I am afraid.
I went very regulary to that beach in 2014, 2015 and 2017, always with my wife.
But my wife does never leave her sunbed.
I like to snorkle, walk along the beach and in the dunes, collect shells..
Sadly the religous perverts do not want these kind of people and the kickboxer that hides in the dunes is really really crazy.
Poor people, those greeks..

Brian & Sharon
My partner & I decided to visit a nudist beach, on the last day of our holiday, the first time for both of us. this beach turned out to be the perfect location, not too busy, wonderful silky sand and beautiful crystal clear water. we spent 3 hours here, would have stayed till sunset, but we had to return for our flight home. we now wish we had tried this at the beginning of our holiday as we would have spent many more days on this wonderful beach. We would highly recommend this beach to anyone looking for a quiet relaxing area to sunbath naked.
we are definitely planning a return visit to this island and this beach early next year.

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