Werrong Beach

Werrong Beach
Lat: -34.20901 - Lon: 151.01762
Legal beach
From Sydney take the Princes Highway south to the F6 Freeway, and follow the signs toward Stanwell Park until you turn left to Otford Lookout. Go past the Royal National Park sign and park beyond the shop. From here walk up the good path to the Werrong Beach and Burning Palms Clifftop Walk. The path then descends steeply to Werrong Beach. The total distance around 1.5 km and steep in places, so it is not suitable for the elderly or the handicapped.
   Werrong Beach is a large amphitheatre about 300 metres long, surrounded by cliffs with a grassed area behind the beach.

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My wife and I went to Werrong beach about 2 months ago and loved it. The walk through the forest to the beach is fantastic and the further you walk the downhill nature track, the more connected you become with your surroundings. It was dry when we went so there were no leeches. I did the walk naked as I had read this was something to do if you have the confidence to put yourself out there, my wife just kept her sun dress on. Sneakers are enough for the trek if it's dry and stable. Take enough water, towels for the grassed area to lay on and a hat. You don't need food, use this day as a fasting day, combined with the sun and grounding benefits you get there, you will leave refreshed and hesitant to reenter the real world again.
Being naked with my wife at this beach, with all the other benefits of being in this secluded haven, totally vulnerable and free, was one of the most impactful moments of my life. The raw feelings and emotions of being naked around other naked people in such an amazing emotion evoking environment, are hard to explain but it is a feeling I don't think I can replicate anywhere else except for revisiting this incredible location.

I'm a regular at Werrong and in the last couple of years it seems to have attracted more females and couples than before. The other regulars are friendly and visitors seem happy to stop and chat. It's an ideal place to start your nudist journey where you can find your own place away from others if you want. The walk along the forest path is a delight and easy if you have reasonable fitness. It takes about 30 minutes. Pretty often you'll meet people enjoying the natural surroundings as they walk, which adds to the pleasant experience. The other day I came across a girl who was walking in just a thong - we crossed paths and said hello. Remember to take some water and leave your hat on.

Great spot but beware of seedy perverts lurking in the bushes. My wife and I enjoyed a day there and met a another lovely naked couple,
Unfortunately it is becoming a hot spot for perverts due to its isolated location. As we arrived one man openly started masturbating, another seedy old git kept hanging around a family with small children. He also could not seem to stop touching himself. The fact that the men seem to hide in the bush is weird too, I have no problem with homosexuality but its creepy what goes on down there.

Do not underestimate the walk to/from this beach. It is a good 30 minute trek through steep bush, climbing over trees, large steps etc. Nice beach though. Wish there were more accessible options in the Wollongong area.

Great spot but the walk is hell the setting is really nice spot

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