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NAKED SELFIES | Performance by Milo Moiré

Milo Moiré’s performance series NAKED SELFIES thematize and caricature the pop-cultural mass phenomenon of self-portraits in social media. The artist take selfies with passersby using her remote-controlled camera mounted on a tripod, contrary to the others Milo Moiré is naked. In contrast to “PLOPEGG PAINTING PERFORMANCE – A Birth of a Picture”, which was performed during the ART COLOGNE 2014, this work requires interaction. “The people who take a nude selfie with me actually disclose something about themselves, present themselves to the world with a statement. Through this physical, bodily interaction between me as a self-exposing avatar and the people wanting a selfie, I want to establish a point of contact between the real and the digital revelation of intimacy. A new meta-level of self-staging emerges“, Moiré says. The artist embody through her performance the voluntary baring of individuals in the digital world. We all reveal ourselves constantly on Facebook and Instagram, showing where we are, with whom, what we’re doing…in fact, exhibiting all kinds of sensitive personal data in the internet. Moiré as compressed selfie-avatar of self-show-ing and a link between the tangible and virtual life…the essence of a seductive self-portrait? “Nude Selfies” have previously taken place in Düsseldorf, Paris and Basel. During the opening of EGO UPDATE: THE FUTURE OF THE DIGITAL IDENTITY, on September 18, 2015, at the NRW-Forum museum, Milo Moiré will be holding her NUDE SELFIE performance. On Sunday, July 5, 2015, Milo Moiré was arrested in Paris when she carried out her “Nude Selfies Performance” on the Place du Trocadéro, in front of Paris’s Eiffel Tower. After her release from prison Milo announced: “They could take my body captive, but my spirit remained free. Freedom is the greatest good in our society. I will continue and will carry out the NAKED SELFIE performance in other countries.”

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