Naturism in Paris (75)

NAKED SELFIES | Performance by Milo Moiré
Milo Moiré’s performance series NAKED SELFIES thematize and caricature the pop-cultural mass phenomenon of self-portraits in social media. read more
Christiane Lecocq RIP
Christiane Lecocq, a leading pioneer of the naturist movement Christiane Lecocq, who founded the French Federation of Naturism 65 years ago, died on December 24, 2014 at the age of 103 years. read more

A naturist club with a passion for nautical activities and sub aqua.
Association des Naturistes de Paris 

A Paris based naturist swimming club.
9 rue de Gravelle 75012 PARIS
A naturist restaurant in Paris. The pleasure of dining naked all year long in the capital in the respect of naturist values.
Natur&Zen (Porte Dorée) 
84 Rue de Wattignies 75012 Paris
Naturist massage in Paris.
Natur&Zen (Raspail) 
211 Boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris
Naturist massage in Paris

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