Nude Women's Parade, San Francisco 2016-04-03

Seeing the "Nude Women" in the promotions, a good crowd gathered early in Jane Warner Plaza, with a scattering of nude and semi-nude male Castro area resident. A couple looked like hermaphrodites, but in these days who knows what category they fit into.

Only close to 10 am did the core group arrive, Gypsy being the leader of the event, together with her children. Details about the parade were given via loudspeakers, as usual. Gypsy then deviated from her regular spiel, and railed against a veteran naturist. One of the area leaders then told me that she seemed to have gone off her rocker, and that, if she had a beef, she could take that up with the person in another more appropriate forum.

Promoters and peddlers of Marijuana kept going close to the naturist group spectators, mixing up one promotion with another, space-wise. That also reflected in the march being less disciplined. Even at City Hall square, where group pictures were being taken, the drug peddlers mixed up with the naturists.

Anyway, numbers-wise, approximately one dozen semi-nudes shower up by 10 a.m., and 15 minutes later we had a half dozen nudes also. Then, when he parade was to start, at 10:30 am, a whole dozen were actually nude, and a total of over 40 persons were in the parade.

By 11:30 am the parade reached City Hall square, and since it is now under the jurisdiction of the Parks Dept., park rangers forbade the group from going onto the square for photos, so we had to take those outside and on the sidewalk, not very convenient but better than nothing.

Leif Heilberg, April 2016.

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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