Nude Summer of Love Parade, San Francisco 2016-08-07
Around 11:30 am the crew arrived, i.e. Gypsy Taub and her family, plus a couple of helpers. As usual they set up posters and got folding chairs in a line so the nudes could stand up on them and better be seen. read more
Nude Women's Parade, San Francisco 2016-04-03
Seeing the "Nude Women" in the promotions, a good crowd gathered early in Jane Warner Plaza, with a scattering of nude and semi-nude male Castro area resident. read more
Nude Protest Against SB277, the Forced Vaccination Bill, 2015-09-05
Jane Warner Plaza, S.F. Arriving shortly before 12 noon, I saw the team bringing in posters proclaiming the cons of the Senate Bill. read more
Video: Protest agains the San Francisco nudity ban
Protest against the San Francisco nudity ban on February 1, 2015 - second anniversary of the ban. Speeches were made by George Davis, Rusty Mills, Jaymz Smith and Gypsy Taub. read more
Emergency Protest, San Francisco, 2015-08-06
One of the leading SanFrancisco body freedom activitis George Davis is facing 3 months in jail for making a nude speech in Washington DC. read more
12th World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco, 2015-06-13
The riders at this latest San Francisco WNBR were meeting at a very limited space, congested with locals and tourists, as well as passengers from harbor ferries. Persons and bicycles competed for space between a busy sidewalk and the harbor fence. read more
Bay to Breakers Race, San Francisco, 2015-05-17
Just three days before the largest footrace in the world was to begin in San Francisco, the Bay Area got hit by a storm that drenched communities north, south and east of the city. Rare thunder and lightening scared many people. But San Francisco sits like a pearl in the center, and Mother Nature protected us… not a single drop of rain fell on the city. read more
San Francisco Nudity Ban Protest, Feb 1, 2015
On Feb 1, 2015 Gypsy Taub, her husband James, George Davis the perennial candidate for office, and Rusty Mills also joined the party, while Ray had his traditional seat at the side. Lloyd was among the crowd, as usual. read more
Another nude performance in Castro, San Francisco
On Wednesday, February 27th Gypsy Taub and friends held a nude dance performance at the Jane Warner Plaza in Castro, San Francisco. Getting arrested was another case that proved that the nudity ban imposed by the city is unconstitutional as it is also a ban on artistic expression. read more
Nudity still happening in San Francisco
On Sunday 17th February shot a “porn parody” about the San Francisco nudity ban. Filming for the “rally” scenes took place at 18th and Castro and because this was a legitimate location film shoot nudity was allowed even under the new regulations. read more
Protest against San Francisco nudity ban
On Friday, February 1, 2013 the nudity ban in San Francisco came into effect. A number of body freedom activists held a protest outside City Hall to mark the occasion and 4 were arrested. Gypsy Taub, who hosts a local cable program devoted to the nudist cause, said “No matter what, we're going to continue practicing body freedom. read more
Rally for Urban Nudism
On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at Noon, a Rally for Urban Nudity took place on the steps of San Francisco City Hall, (across from Civic Center on Carlton B. Goodlett Place). Clothed, nude or anywhere in between people gathered to support the right to choose your own form of attire without government interference! read more