6th Annual World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco Southern Hemisphere Edition, 2015-03-15

Beautiful sunshine greeted me at Justin Herman Plaza when I arrived at 10:30am, a bit early for the 11:00am scheduled gathering of bicyclists for the WNBR event. There was no wind, only an ever so light breeze. Of humans, not a soul had arrived yet, but that would surely change.

Two pretty young women in bikinis came by on roller skates a short while later, a sight for sore eyes, and I hoped they would stay for the event.

At 10:45am the first two guys plumped themselves down on the lawn, waiting for things to happen. They took out cameras, although nobody else was here, but, of course, the early bird is supposed to catch something.

By 11:00am folks had begun arriving, and the skies were gradually getting a milky look, but by now many bicyclists as well as even more onlookers were everywhere. Both Yahoo and Funcheap had advertised the event, so one could expect a reasonable turnout. Facebook also got scent of it, and here Jeff Wheeler wrote: ”March 14, 2015 SF WNBR: It’s time for the Sixth Avenue World Naked Bike Ride – 2015 Southern Hemisphere Edition. Each year, our turnout is getting larger and larger riding bare through the streets of the city. It’s our first of four WNBRs of the 2015 naking season and usually one of the two largest WNBRs of the year. So on Saturday, March 14, it’s time to toss the riding duds in the wash (you won’t need them) & bring your bikes to Justin Herman Plaza between Market Street & the Embarcadero Blvd.

We meet on the northwest side of Vaillancourt Fountain, between the fountain and Embarcadero Blvd at 11:00 AM. This gives us time to do body/face paint and reacquaint ourselves. Bring body paints, watercolors…”

For the next hour and a half participants and onlookers were milling around, and then a few group pictures were taken on the raised lawn area. By that time, of all the bicyclists only one woman had undressed completely, and another partially, to have a couple of transfers put onto her buttocks. Most bicyclists by far were men, and they were mostly nude.

Then followed the traditional bicycle circular tours of the plaza, before leaving on the city tour. Now that the participants of the event were actually on bicycles and moving about, more of the riding guys were nude and – wonder of wonders - now a total of 3 women were completely nude. Good for them! Another two women, the ones on roller skates, wore panties and pasties, while one woman wore a bikini, and two were dressed. Among the men a few were dressed, but the crowd could support it, with approximately three dozen riders total.

By 12:42pm all the riders had left and were going northeast on the Embarcadero on their city tour.

A 15 minutes streetcar ride, and eight blocks slow walking took me to Ben & Jerries on Haight Street where the riding group was supposed to stop by for ice cream. I got there around 1:30pm, but when the group hadn’t come by 2:20pm, I went home. Who knows when the group would arrive, or had changed itinerary. Anyway, by then I was tired, and post production of taken images would later keep me occupied till after midnight.

Leif Heilberg, March 2015.

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc., vikingphoto@earthlink.net

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