International "Go Topless" Day Celebration, Dolores Park, S.F. 2015-08-23
This minor event was advertised in FunCheap, and in the good weather the park was crowded by sunbathers., picnicking with food and drinks, and many playing their boomboxes. read more
Nude Protest Against SB277, the Forced Vaccination Bill, 2015-09-05
Jane Warner Plaza, S.F. Arriving shortly before 12 noon, I saw the team bringing in posters proclaiming the cons of the Senate Bill. read more
Emergency Protest, San Francisco, 2015-08-06
One of the leading SanFrancisco body freedom activitis George Davis is facing 3 months in jail for making a nude speech in Washington DC. read more
12th World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco, 2015-06-13
The riders at this latest San Francisco WNBR were meeting at a very limited space, congested with locals and tourists, as well as passengers from harbor ferries. Persons and bicycles competed for space between a busy sidewalk and the harbor fence. read more
Bay to Breakers Race, San Francisco, 2015-05-17
Just three days before the largest footrace in the world was to begin in San Francisco, the Bay Area got hit by a storm that drenched communities north, south and east of the city. Rare thunder and lightening scared many people. But San Francisco sits like a pearl in the center, and Mother Nature protected us… not a single drop of rain fell on the city. read more
5th Annual Earth Day World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco, 2015-04-18
On Saturday morning the half of San Francisco was fogged in, not boding well for the WNBR. However, around 10 am the inner Sunset district started to lighten up, so perhaps not everything is bad, I thought, as Justin Herman Plaza at Market and Embarcadero is as eastward as you get before going into the S.F. Bay. By 10:30 am nobody had arrived, and a cool breeze – coming from the western fog belt – read more
6th Annual World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco Southern Hemisphere Edition, 2015-03-15
Beautiful sunshine greeted me at Justin Herman Plaza when I arrived at 10:30am, a bit early for the 11:00am scheduled gathering of bicyclists for the WNBR event. read more
San Francisco Nudity Ban Protest, Feb 1, 2015
On Feb 1, 2015 Gypsy Taub, her husband James, George Davis the perennial candidate for office, and Rusty Mills also joined the party, while Ray had his traditional seat at the side. Lloyd was among the crowd, as usual. read more