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Many people do not realise that it was forbidden in many western countries for men to go topless until the 1930s. Men fought this ban and, as a result, it is now universally excepted that men can sunbathe, swim or mow the lawn topless. As a result women's breasts are now much more sexualised than men's but many women are now campaigning to have this balance redressed - or re-undressed to be more precise.

In some countries (eg: France, Germany) topless (or top free as the Americans prefer to call it) women in swimming pools and public parks are common place and accepted and in many other countries groups have been set up to gain equal rights for women on this issue.

Campaign groups around the world


Go Topless Day


Scottish sisters demand right to play swamp football topless. "Last year, we had a great time but we all wore T-shirts and found they just dragged us down. If men are allowed to go topless, then the same rules should apply to us girls." more


The Topless Front recently won a major victory when the Copenhagen Culture and Leisure Committee voting to allow women to swim and walk around topless at swimming pools.

photos by Martin Lehmann, DGI-byen, Copenhagen


Bara Bröst which means both Bare Breasts and Merely Breasts are setting up a network of local groups which use swimming pools topless.

photo by Julia Lindemalm


Top Free Equal Rights Association (TERA) helps women who encounter difficulty going without tops in public places in Canada and the USA, and informs the public on this issue.

photo by Jordan Matter

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I think that old fasion ideas of capitalism keeps us all from getting over to have this freedom. It seems as through religion wants us to hold that temptation.

Open to anyone:Bare at MirageVenus at Caesars PalaceTao Beach at Venetian (last I heard laeids could still go topless Mon-Thur they keep changing their policy though, so call ahead)Beach Club 25 at StratosphereGO Pool at FlamingoSapphire Pool at RioOpen to hotel guests only:Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay BayEuropean Pool at WynnEuropean Pool at EncoreALL of them have a separate entrance fee except for Wynn/Encore, and at the upscale ones you can't get a deck chair without agreeing to a minimum spending on food and drink $50 per person or more.I've visited Bare, Tao Beach and Beach Club 25. I would recommend Bare for the best balance between relaxing and partying. If you just want to relax, I think Venus is usually a little quieter.

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