International "Go Topless" Day Celebration, Dolores Park, S.F. 2015-08-23
This minor event was advertised in FunCheap, and in the good weather the park was crowded by sunbathers., picnicking with food and drinks, and many playing their boomboxes. read more
Topless in New York City
It has been completely legal for women to be topless in New York since 1992 but not women exercised their rights until recently. A number of different groups and individuals have been making a stand to try and ‘normalise’ toplessness so that it become accepted. read more
Top Freedom News
Many people do not realise that it was forbidden in many western countries for men to go topless until the 1930s. Men fought this ban and, as a result, it is now universally excepted that men can sunbathe, swim or mow the lawn topless. read more
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