Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort

Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort
312 Kittle Road,
MA 01237
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Lat: 42.54057 - Lon: -73.24115
Berkshire Vista - Where Social Nudity is the Norm!
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • WiFi

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Ron and Chris
We would NOT recommend going there. The grounds, guests and staff are wonderful. BUT, we have never been treated in such an abrupt, rude, uncaring and hostile manner as we were by Dan, the owner. Although we liked everything else, we will not return until he is no longer associated with the resort. The hot water heater did not work in the RV we rented (their website claims it is a "cabin" that can sleep 6. In fact it can sleep two at best, in a room not much larger than the double bed it contained) for two days. The staff was very helpful, but could not get the heater fixed. The staff said that the heater was filthy, and had actually malfunctioned previously. It was reported to Dan that there was a problem. At 11:30 in the morning he found us eating breakfast and asked what the problem was. We told him, and suggested that since we had it reserved for three days, the least he could do was comp us the third night. This would have been a Sunday night, an off night for the resort. There were empty units available. His response was "these things happen" and said he would give us $10 off the third nights bill (without fixing the water heater because he said we should use the public showers), and didn't offer to have us moved to another unit (although the staff did). Our choice was accept the $10 reduction off the third night or leave the grounds by noon. Remember, this was now 11:45. The agreement we had when we checked in was that if we stayed two night (which we did), the third days grounds fees were waived until 7:30 at night. Therefore, he was violating his own rules. We returned to the RV, and he came pounding on the door, and in a very hostile manner told us that if we did not want to stay the extra night, we had to vacate the grounds immediately. Needless to say, we used the public shower and then checked out, never to return until Dan is no longer associated with the resort. We would suggest that everyone avoid this place until that happens.

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