Cefn Sidan

Cefn Sidan
Lat: 51.70482 - Lon: -4.36037
The beach used by naturists at Cefn Sidan is located on the coast of Carmarthen Bay, between Kidwelly and Burry Port. The beach forms part of the Pembrey Country Park. See reviews below for more info.
You have to be careful to walk far enough away from the fairly busy family part of the beach otherwise people complain to the police.

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I go to this beach annually. I always get my kit off and swim in the sea. To get there my wife and I cycle through the forest along the track that runs off the main road just before the caravan site. Free parking close to the start. It is about 3 miles through the forest on good tracks. Comes out on the beach about half a mile before the military observation tower. I have never seen anyone naked there apart from me. The warden came once and said "No nudity on the beach. Can you cover up please". But he soon drove off, never saw him again. It is possible to cycle back along the beach for about two miles before I have to cover up, no one about.

I was there 12/06/21 all the sand dunes been washed away, little cover now it was a warm day, I counted three others there. Not like it used to be back in 80/90s plus to get into Pembrey Country park it's now £6 per car.

Nudism is not officially allowed, and rangers often patrol. However, if you go to Tywyn Point (5 miles away at the far end) you're unlikely to be disturbed. See http://beachguide.wales/swalessomerset/tywynpoint.php

i was there late JUNE 18 the wardens patrol the beach when they see someone naked,they will say this is not a naturist beach and ask you to put on shorts whatever..RECON This is not legal its not a offence to be naked anywhere in uk. Prudish Carmarthenshire council who own the beach Unfortunately i would say.

Pembrey leads westerly to the cefn sidan beach which must be 4 miles long so good for walkers..a long sandy beach backed by sand dunes very quiet in the week with more visitors for Saturday and sunday as long as the sun is out and wind is light
Naturist friendly in my view as long as you keep to the area you see other nudist folk..which is by the rocks on beach and further West. .further you go then the more private it is..the pembrey country park rangers drive up the beach in white pick up vehicles once every hour or so until 5 pm ish when they finish work..

Not an official naturist beach, signs say nudity not allowed. Further info here: http://beachguide.wales/swalessomerset/pembrey.php

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