Morfa Dyffryn Naturist Beach

Morfa Dyffryn Naturist Beach
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Lat: 52.79555 - Lon: -4.13807
Popular, official naturist beach. When you get to the beach turn right, and walk until you reach the naturist section - signposted.

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Rosalie & Alan
Camping at shell island which is a very nice place when not over crowded out of school holidays. About a easy mile walk along the beach to the naturist beach. Lots of space to be alone or with other naturists as you wish. We have been naturists most of our lives so it’s a normal experience for us being with lots of other naturists or alone. Lovely easy safe feeling sea just to be in. Will definitely come back.

I've visited other nudist places from time to time but it has been ages since I last did. I'm a straight taken male and I was off while my partner was working. And I have my fare share of NHS scars which I used to be protective about but I don't care anymore. I realised that Morfa was not to far away as I moved earlier this year. I visited late September. The walk didn't bother me as exercise is good and more so with sand between the toes. There was only a few others using the beach. The temp was pleasant so I picked a spot near the dunes and read a book. When the wind picked up it got a bit colder so I went for a walk from end to end and despite dog walkers I loved it. I would had gone for a swim if it was warmer. Felt relaxed and very good for mental health. Roll on warmer days again.

I've never done this before, i was always too shy to undress or heavens, be totally naked in front of people, i suppose id rather be naked in the, at a distance, view of people i didnt know. I went to Shell Island and got to the beach via the dunes, the beach was totally empty i set my bag and towel down and went for a paddle. shorts on, got back to my things and checked the beach for people, nobody, took my shorts off and enjoyed the feeling of the wind and the sun on my bits and bobs, checked again and took my towel with me for a paddle, put my towel over my shoulder, very nice feeling, got bolder and left my towel with the rest of my belongings by my bag and went to sit in the lapping waves, golly how nice, lay back and relished in the sensation of the eager and cool water. Stood and walked along the waters edge, fantastic, checked the beach, empty, went and sat in deeper water, what an enormous feeling of freedom, im not a naturist as such and just wanted to be naked in the sun and sea, i could never socialise in the nude, how could one strike up a conversation? no for me it was a solitary thing, funny how the idea of being nude is a big hill to climb but when there, in the moment, so to speak it seems just the natural thing to do, putting my clothes back on was a shame since i was rather getting used to it!
Im definitely going again and if there is any one around, at a respecful distance I'm sure id be ok with that. My advice, do it youre likely to love it!

Often quiet but a great place for a first time nudist to get used to the scene. Beautiful scenary.

Went there last July. I would have written this review before but I have just discovered this website! It was my first time on a naturist beach and it will certainly not be the last!
Unfortunately it was too hot for me (around 35 degrees) and because of the heat I didn't feel like eating. Which led to my blood sugar falling too low (I am diabetic). In fact I was quite ill and only just managed to stagger back to the car park. I also got quite badly sunburnt.
Unfortunately all this ruined what would otherwise have been a very enjoyable day, and I will be returning just as soon as I can and the weather is suitable. Just not as hot!

I had a lovely couple of hour there last week. I am a bi man so happy with whatever by nature and when I went in the dunes I did get talking to some lovely gay guys. A really nice place to interact.

I'm a 40 something body conscious first timer. I attended yesterday for the first time and there was hardly anyone there. I did arrive at 11:30. Deciding not to get naked until I found my desired spot. As I'm a first timer I'm a little unsure of the etiquette so I thought a good idea not to sit to close the the one clothed person on the beach. I found my spot, rolled out my towel and sunbathed naked. I don't think my pale buttocks have ever felt the warmth of the sun shining on them. At 12:30 I got dressed and went home (forgot I had a meeting booked for 15:30) The beach was getting a little busier. As I walked off I spotted an older naked couple were setting up for the day and the clothed person I walked past earlier was joined by a naked chap. Total naked people between 11:30-12:30 = 4 including myself. I will be attending again sometime in the future. Visit 2, will try a stroll to the sea and a bit of swimming. Visit 3, get naked at the sign and walk to desired location. Visit 4, engage in naked conversation with someone. I'm sure this will help me with body image. Looking forward to good weather next week and 3-4 hours on the beach.

Had great time 1st time there , 2nd time had sum dude trying to chat me up for 2 bloody hours , he spiolt my time there ! i will go back again but will b off the beach before everyone else has left !

Visited the beach for the first time today, have been wanting to go for a while and finally had an opportunity today. Clear blue skies, gentle breeze, just perfect. I'm 20 and this was my first experience of being naked in public, was a little nervous to start with but even though it was pretty busy today I found a relatively quiet spot to get stripped off. Was also a little nervous being a single guy (simply because I don't know anybody to take with me!) but there was a good mix of couples and singles so this wasn't an issue. Nobody bothered me and several people said hi which put me at ease. It was mainly an older crowd, would have been nice if a few more younger people but it was a weekday and I guess this is typical. Its a good size beach so you don't have to get too close to other people if you don't want to. Once I felt more relaxed I went for a stroll up and down and also a swim. Overall a great experience and look forward to visiting again soon. Would definitely recommend to anybody wanting a safe place to give it a go.

if you are a couple and like having single middle aged men continually walking close by to ogle your wife, then it's the beach for you. Generally seems to be mainly single middle aged men beach. Alas we will not be revisiting.

went to thos beach twice while holidaying in the area. It was my first time to a nudist beach and it was amazing to strip off and sunbathe and swim naked. I will be back when in the area again, so glad I found out about it before I went

A very wonderful day on the beach today. A really nice breeze but not sand blasted. Water was too cold to swim for us though several did. Loads of single men which was a bit odd. Didn't speak to anyone but lot's of friendly banter around. Thoroughly good day! Great beach! Wife & I very happy & look forward to going back ASAP.

Im a straight male who visited Morfa last year for the first time after experiencing a nudist beach on holiday abroad.

I absolutely loved it!!!! arrived on a saturday morning parked in the nearby car park and strolled along the beach which was fairly busy for about 10mins until i reached the sign for the nudist section.

I was a little nervous as there were around 10 to 15 people there couples and singles, so i decided to walk past the main crowd and found an empty section of the beach were i stripped off and felt the warmth on my body.....oh what a feeling. so after a while of laying back and enjoying the views and watching clothed and naked people passing by I built up the nerve and moved back to the crowd.

I thought "what the hell have nothing to lose" so i walked right into the middle of everyone and was greeted with hello and waves from couples (mainly the women) so i found a spot inbetween two couples layback and enjoyed the rest of my day naked in the sun.

I can't wait to go back!!!!!!

Day Stripper
I work six days a week and it's a treat to arrange a day off and take a trip to this beach, to strip off and walk with the wind blowing around your body, and the sea between your toes. Once you have done it you will know what I mean.
It's true there are a few that stand on the top of the Dunes and look, it does spoil it a bit.
But on the whole its a superb place to be naked and free.

Visited this beach for the first time last week and loved it. Went during the week and although there were a few people walking along the beach, the nudist section was pretty quiet. I'm 19 and the couple of other nudists I saw looked a fair bit older, but I guess that's the same at most nude beaches in the UK.

It was only my 2nd visit to a nude beach so I'm still a bit shy about stripping off - was nice to have so much open space and a quiet beach. As I was walking naked along the nudist section though, a couple of clothed girls who looked about 16 seemed to make a point of walking over in my direction. I felt a bit embarrassed as they passed just a couple of metres away, especially as both of them were staring at my penis. They both smiled but I still felt a bit awkward!

Will definitely go back and would recommend the beach, think I'll try walking by the sea rather than middle of the beach next time though.

I visited this beach and walked to shell island. Nothing better than taking off all your clothes,walking freely.

I found the experience exilarating. Wind blowing, the sea air and taking off your clothes allows you to be one with nature. It helped me to load the stress of life! Just to accept myself, and not to worry about what i looked like or what i had to wear. No one can rob you for you money when you have no clothes on.

I stopped and chatted to many men and a few couples over my holiday and i made good friends and no one was rude. people just accepting themselves.


We were born naked. It is not our bodies that are rude it is our minds. So if anyone next time i am there thinks bad things about me to be rude that's up to them. I will sit in the dunes and cast my eyes out to sea. For when your closest and one with the natural elements of nature you find yourself. Such beauty of life and all thats good with creation.

Be bold, enjoy and don't let others spoil it! Most people just need to get a life or let those of us just be left to chill.......with no clothes on.

take care

and thanks to wales.there are few places that allow you to relax these days. moutains, sand sea and people to chat to great dyffryn i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only request is could do with a man on a bike selling icecreams on the beach!!!!!!!!!! Said man because don't want to ask woman for 99.

As a gay man who sunbathes in the dunes I am certainly not a creep. I have however seen a number of creepy characters. The creepy individuals are often fully clothed and seem to be more interested in women than men. It is not helped by a couple of Sunday tabloids which have listed MD as a dogging area (naturists and the local police disagree with this assessment). I am sad to say I have seen opposite sex couples driven off the dunes because the female half was pestered by a group of these types. I find a simple "get lost" works wonders in getting rid of them and would recommend this course of action to couples. For more persistent or intimidating characters do not hesitate to ring 101 which in Wales will put you in touch with the local police station.

i go to this beach a lot and can say the so called creeps in the dunes are mostly gay men .not pervs looking down on the beach .if you go into the dunes you get some great views of the mountains snowdon etc,and its good place to be if windy ..sea is clear .recomend anyone to go ..and go in dunes no one bothers you if you do ....

Joe & Jess
A fantastic sandy beach, a perfect place to be on a hot sunny day.

You sometimes get a few creeps lurking in the dunes but het seems to happen in any country where beach nudity is relatively uncommon.

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