Broad Sand

Broad Sand
Lat: 50.27012 - Lon: -3.875
Broad Sand is a sandy beach with rock pools found on the coast path between Bantham Sand and Thurlestone Sand. There is no parking and facilities and the beach is usually quiet.
It is situated between Bantham and Thurlestone beach. Walking along the coastpath there is Thurlestone golf club. You can either park your car either in the Golf club car park or Bantham beach car park in the summer season. The cove is adjacent to a green hut on the coast path.

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I went in October (!) - weather was fantastic! Only a dozen or so people on the beach - a mixture of ages. No dogs and only one suit there.
It's a very steep path down to the cove - will put a lot of people off, particularly if it was been wet.
The beach is fine shingle and the sea is quite shallow so bathing is good.
There were a few young ladies smoking weed on the beach but to be fair they were having fun and spent a lot of time in the rather stormy sea - good to see them enjoying themselves.
A nice little secret!

This is a very nice little cove and can be very peaceful. Unfortunately, the cove seems to have attracted a low life group of people with out of control dogs in the past year of 2021. A group of lads with a couple of middle aged women have started to cause anti social behaviour in the cove. People have come here, like myself for a fair few years now, to enjoy the peace and quiet and users have been seen to be harassed by these delinquent individuals. I have reported my concerns to the local landowner, of course with no reply. Some of us are no longer planning to go back there in the future. I even asked the owners of the beach to close it off, if it is starting to get low life visiting. These people have been seen to ruin other people's day on the beach.

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