Downderry Beach

Downderry Beach
Lat: 50.36082 - Lon: -4.34437
Nudity is customary on the beach east of Downderry but beware of being trapped by the high tide.

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I agree with Mark that Downderry beach can be a dangerous place. I had a horrible encounter with a German man, years ago, and feared I might be raped. It put me off the beach, and beach naturism in general. Well done for calling the police. I now prefer the safety of my garden. Such a shame that rotten apples spoil it for the rest of us.

Visited today. Was delightful

I visited the beach today. It was a glorious, sunny spring day, the beach was warm, breeze gentle and I had the whole beach to myself. The perfect place to sit, wander and paddle in the icy cold waves. I used the route down from the coast path, to avoid any problems with the tide. The path is actually marked on the 1:25000 OS map - look for St Germans Hut, just below Cargloth Farm. The path descends from a gate off the coast path, past the ruined hut and down to the beach. Although the cliffs are steep the path zig-zags down through the woods, is obvious and mostly very straightforward. The slighly trickier sections at the bottom near the beach have ropes (a previous comment said they'd been removed but now happily replaced). About 10-15 minutes. Definitely one to return to - hope to see you there.

This is a lovely beach. There is a slightly tricky to find path from the coast path through woodland, so if arriving at low tide from Downderry keep walking until you are fairly close to the extruding rock and there is a path sign. Everyone is friendly and I’ve never seen anything untoward here.

Mark Tyrrell
I came across this website to mention Downderry beach, and see that this beach is highlighted on 'Naturist' website. Last year (2012) I paid a visit to this beach and I had caught an old man fully naked committing an indecent act on the beach. He was in full view of anyone who happened to walk past.
I called the police and the police arrived and hunted for the man.
It took a while for the law to arrive and the man got away, despite the search of the beach by the police. One naturist was stopped and spoken to, but this was not the suspect. The police were also searching the roads nearby.
Downderry is a dangerous beach and I felt that it should be closed down for naturists. I tried to find out who actually owned the beach. I wrote to the local council. I also wrote to my local MP to pass on a statement to Sheryll Murray who is MP for the Downderry area. This type of beach attracts the wrong type of people.

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