Corton Beach

Corton Beach
Lat: 52.50694 - Lon: 1.75186
It nearly closed as a naturist beach in 2009, however it is now open and one can be unclothed on all beaches within the Waveney District without being in breach of the byelaws. Can be very windy.
Heading towards Great Yarmouth, after Lowestoft lighthouse turn right onto Corton Road (B1385), this is the third road at a multiple choice junction. Continue past all the houses and at the Pitch and Putt course enter the FREE car park ample spaces and toilets so please do not park on the road. Cross the road and walk down the concrete path (Tramp's Alley) and turn left walking for about 200 yards along the beach.

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Me and my partner went down there today we love it all the people are so friendly will be going again very soon we would like to make friends down there

I've been to Corton 3 times in the last month and found it to be a nice naturist community of a small number of mostly single men.
To be fair, Corton is not the prettiest beach you'll ever visit but if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy some naked sun with free parking and a fairly short walk. ..Corton is certainly worth a visit.
I'm going today. ....the forecast is sun all day. has to be done :-)

Ian Bibby
I finally got there yesterday (20/06/2017), even at the last minute it was an on-off thing as I was seriously worried it would be TOO hot. (Not something you can say often in this country.)

But it was overcast as the train approached Lowestoft, so my amended plans to go there, then Great Yarmouth, then dawdle my way home were amended once again with the idea that if I found my way to the beach and didn't like it I wouldn't be tempted again.

Once I'd been told that the bus doesn't go from the bus stop next to the station, and found that the bus station isn't well signposted (cut through the tiny shopping arcade and turn right), I found that bus drivers don't have a clue where Tramps Alley is, but luckily there'd been mention of Tesco at Pleasurewood Hills so I got off there (£3 return fare, about 12 minutes going, 15 back) and went to Google maps . Really simple walk, basically a straight line from the bus stop as if you're going to the amusement park, then there's a signposted footpath to 'The Beach 1/2 mile' (could do with the nettles and brambles cutting back) which leads past the golf course to the main road. Straight across, there's Tramps alley, going downhill at a reasonable slope, and there's the beach.

First thought? It's a beach. That simple. Sand, pebbles, etc. No facilities but thats not unusual. I turned left and set off, pebbles in my shoes within seconds. Only thing different was that there were more paragliders and hang-gliders around than sea gulls.

Probably 400 yards and my first nude, guy on his own. About 100 yards further I could see another single guy, so I decided to go closer to the sea wall between them. Weather still cloudy but coated myself with factor 15 (and renewed as needed) and sunbathed face up (partly because I couldn't spray all my back, and partly because I imagine it might be uncomfortable lying face down.

The guy that had been further on dressed and left quite soon after, couldn't see the first guy as there was a mound of dirt and grass between us but later on he walked down to the sea AND INTO IT. Don't care how hot it is, the sea is always cold, not my idea of fun at all.

In total I suppose I was there about 2 1/2 hours, very quiet, few single guys walked past, couple of guys together, and a m/f couple, none of whom seemed bothered by my nudity.

While there I'd seen people walking along the seawall (behind me as I lay there) so tried that as I left, lot easier than trudging through the pebbles, but Tramps Alley seemed a lot steeper going up.

All in all, for me it's a lot easier to get too than Holkham even having to catch 3 trains (biggest change was 25 minutes at Norwich going out), journey from home to Lowestoft being 3hr 20. With a good connection I could be on the beach in just over 4 hours which compares to a journey to Holkham.

The dedesignation of the beach has had the interesting and no doubt unintended effect of extending its length (mostly northwards) from about 200 yards to, at low tide, nearly half a mile (walking north towards Corton). So it is usually very uncrowded and, apart from the lack of decent sand, a very pleasant place to spend a hot day.

>it is my understanding that nudity is no longer allowed on beaches.

This is not the case. This beach became 'de-designated' as a naturist beach on 1st November 2009. However, the byelaw requiring clothing to be worn on all beaches except Corton was revoked on 1st June 2009 therefore one can be unclothed on all beaches within the Waveney District without being in breach of the byelaws.

eddie sturley
it is my understanding that nudity is no longer allowed on beaches. Corton beach is no longer a naturist beach.

Corton beach still gets its fair share of visitors the only difference is that the public can no longer walk along the fore shore or sea wall due to the escalated erosion partly caused by the shifted currants of the end of the Yarmouth outer harbour.

Also it is no longer against Waveney District Council by laws to be nude on any beach in part of Waveney District Council control

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