Holkham Naturist Beach

Holkham Naturist Beach
01263 824329
Lat: 52.97187 - Lon: 0.80616
Official naturist beach. Naturism was banned here briefly in 2013 but the ban has now been lifted.

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Beach not as good as pre June 2013. Not allowed in the dunes anymore, also on big tides the sand is wet so take a waterproof picnic blanket. A beach tent or windbreak is also a essential item. On a nice sunny day it's a lovely beach to be on. On the subject of tides the big ones are early mornings or evenings. Enjoy the beach.

Vistited this beach for the 1st time today, (25 june 18). Lovely beach very friendly bathers but most keep themselves to themselves. Only downside is the walk from the carpark to the nudist bit, bit of a trek but worth it. Take and windbreak, bit breezy.

Went on 17/7/16
A beautiful day, so many naturists the textiles did an about turn when they saw us all.
The young women riding their horses are used to seeing the naturists and were happy to chat.
Girlfriends first time going nude on a beach and swimming, she loved it.
Will be going again but take a windbreak and some form of shade.

Have visited the Beach today (17/07/16) & sunbathed/swam nude with my hubby & dog. Yes there are a lot of clothed people walking up & down the beach but the majority of them just have a quick look & carry on walking. Only downside for me was that the majority of naturists were single males, some of which were strutting up & down the beach like peacocks - made me feel a little self conscious with all of my wobbly bits!

Don't waste your time taking the long walk to holkham naturist beach. Its a load of rubbish!. I have visited this place recently (june 16) with a friend and found a large arrow directing all naturists to a point right out to sea on the sand flats. The were also loads of textiles wandering all over the beach. So no privacy. Better of going somewhere more private.

Do we know for sure that Holkham Beach is now open again to nude bathing. If not where is the nearest place?

The ban was lifted in September 2013.

Since July 2013 this site is no longer naturist.

paul stone
lovely wide open beach but can get a little windy , the dunes are a good place to avoid the wind and a bit more private.

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