Plage de la Mateille / Plage du Nord

Plage de la Mateille / Plage du Nord
Lat: 43.12242 - Lon: 3.13497
The nudist area is about 500m in length, in the middle part of this beach.

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Although this nude beach is confined to a half kilometre it is one of the best nude beaches I have ever visited. It is close to Gruissan on one side and Les Auyguades a residential area on the other so for all the local residents and holiday people it is the closest nude beach to them. So this is a place that can be a hive of bare assed activity every fine day that comes along in particular May to September.

So it is great fun to be where entire families from grand parents, parents, young adults, teens to toddlers are all just having a great time. The parking is close by and so all the gear comes too loungers you name it. Many are people who know each other for years so groups form in circles and picnics are shared feasts. People come and go all day long greeting each other on arrival and departure as the french do. Because it is such a local and family oriented place this beach is one where women feel comfortable and so they visit here by themselves! At the back of this beach there is a volleyball net and the local sporty types emerge from the crowd in the late afternoons and play (so bring along a volley ball)

The beach is in the middle of the overall beach but it is easily accessed via Gruissan I think its Avenue or Rue des Plages which dead ends at the beach but you can drive up the back of the beach to where the naturist area commences and park there. Beware the Gendarmes do not tolerate speeding on the sand cause there are kids around and on full moons the back of the beach can flood so there are some occasions when you may have to hike out here and then it is probably easier to park in Les Auyguades. This beach is not suitable in high offshore winds as it has no shelter. It is patrolled by the life guards but lies between to life guard stations. When the life guards are on duty this beach is defined by the blue flags they put out. Dogs are allowed and boats can come ashore here. The Ice cream cart comes up and down a few times during the day.

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