Coral Cove Unofficial nude beach

Coral Cove Unofficial nude beach

Western most end of Coral Beach
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Lat: -20.27567 - Lon: 148.78769
Nude beach known by locals that go there, it is a little coral sand cove that gets best sun in the morning due to it facing east with hills behind, and partial shade lunch time onwards, usually quiet
Only a 5 minute drive from Airlie Beach toward Shute Harbour, drive out toward the end of Shute Harbour to Coral Beach car park which will be on your left as you get there as you enter Shute Harbour, It is a 20min walk from the coral beach car park at Shute Harbour, and just as you walk onto the beach turn left,(turning right will take you toward the lookout and that is where most of the clothed people go) walk the whole way down the beach until you cross a little creek(which only has water in it when raining or very high tides) from there you will see a track that you will walk up and over a small crest in the rocky headland (about 20metre) and onto the little cove, it is mainly quiet and about the only other people that go down that end will be if someone is fishing off the rocks, which you will see as you walk down there anyway.

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