Fraser Island

Fraser Island
Lat: -25.26912 - Lon: 153.14761
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world with many kilometres of beautiful beaches on both the ocean and inland sides. Whilst there are many visitors on the island at all times it is quite possible to find a camping spot behind the dunes where you can go without clothes for most of the time. You may also be able to swim nude at times but do show consideration for other people. It is best to avoid the peak holiday seasons.

Before going onto the island you must obtain a permit from either the Forestry Department in Brisbane or the National Parks office at Rainbow Beach where you will catch the barge. Do take the trouble to read the literature regarding the regulations, and obey all the directives and signs whilst on the island.

There are no roads on Fraser Island so a 4WD vehicle is necessary. Access to the points of interest is gained by driving along the beach on the eastern side, where the sand is hard. From here sand tracks lead in to the various inland freshwater lakes and other beauty spots, as well as across to the western side of the island.

From Gympie on the Bruce Highway head for Rainbow Beach on the coast. Here you need to let your tyres down for the sandy conditions, top up with fuel, then drive along the beach to the barge terminal at Inskip Point. Once you are on the island travel up the beach until you reach your destination, but do take tide times into consideration, some places are impassable at high tide. Also, take all your provisions with you as there is very little opportunity to buy anything on the island. Streams provide abundant fresh water but your own drinking water is advisable.

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