Mauritius Beach

Mauritius Beach
Lat: -21.82675 - Lon: 114.07232
Official nude beach
Mauritius Beach is located in the Exmouth area some 1200 km north of Perth. It is clearly signposted as a clothing optional beach on the main road from Exmouth to the national park. It is also shown on several tourist ‘map boards’ displayed for tourist information. Don’t expect to find large numbers of naturists there but it is a lovely beach. From the Exmouth township travel out along the Point Murat Road then turn left into Yardie Creek Road. Click on the map for an enlarged version.

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I lived on the 'Cape for several years in the late 70s. At the time, pretty much all the beaches away from the townsite were clothing optional. You could see people walking the beach long before they'd ever notice the nakedness that lay ahead of them, so you could cover up in plenty of time if the situation arose. But people sightings were few. Far more likely to see a 'roo or emu.
Probably the best three years of my life, where the combination of the times, the people, the music, the location and shared experiences riotously collided, in a good way, that made me eager to wake in the morning and relictant to sleep at night.

Its a few years since we visited Exmouth/the Ningaloo... However we were nude on virtually empty beaches most of the time! If you find a quiet beach (most of them) just get your kit off _ you may or may not have the beach to yourself!

Paul Zimmerman
Love this beach - great sand and great water and the weather is perfect

Tassie bares
My husband and I have recently visited Exmouth July 2012, and there is currently no signage (per the photograph). When we eventually found the beach and pulled up in the carpark there was a sign on the fence "crudely handwritten across in black - Nudist Beach). At least we knew we had found it. We followed the track down to the beach (if you could call it that) and wasn't sure if we were to head left along what beach there is (how far, we were unsure), or right over the rocks.

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