Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach
Lat: -32.35701 - Lon: 115.73954
Official nude beach

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I live nearby and go to this beach often for a walk. It remains a legal clothing-optional beach. The boundaries have moved a little, several times over the past few decades but it remains about 900m long.
For those having trouble finding it, go to the carpark at the western end of Bayeux Avenue, walk to the water's edge, turn left and walk about 100m. There are signs on several paths leading to the beach indicating where nude bathing is permitted.
I won't say that I never see sexualised behaviour at this beach but I will say that it is rare in my experience and easily ignored. On sunny weekends you will find a good mix of genders, on weekdays or in poorer weather you'll find mostly males.
Weather conditions at the beach are usually at their best mid to late morning. Many days the afternoon sea "breeze" (often quite strong, especially in summer) can make things quite unpleasant, especially for sunbathing. If you mainly like to walk and/or swim as I do, the sea breeze is only an obstacle at it's most ferocious!
I'm biased but I think Warnbro beach is underrated. On a lovely autumn, spring or summer morning, with a gentle easterly wind blowing (offshore) it's hard to imagine a better place to be anywhere in the world!

Robert Hunt
My wife and I are British naturists and visited Warnbro beach back in 2012, We are visiting Mandurah again in February 2016 and we are looking forward to it as the people there were so friendly. The only downside was the wind that became stronger and had to leave the beach that day. We are hoping to spend 4 weeks in Mandurah and are expecting to visit for a few hours each day as we have hired a car this time. We are so pleased that this is still a legal naturist beach.

Sad to say. I two occasions I have walked this beach and had gay men come out of the dunes and ask me to join them. The southern part of this beach is a known Area for gay men and swingers.

roland remic
i have tried finding it with no success, any tell me how to get there

Warnbro sound/beach is a great place to swim, calm and shallow waters, greyish white sand great for castles etc. the nudist section and the area north of it is dog friendly.
The nudist section is 900m long and often you can walk for quite a long time without being near anyone so if naturist/nudist solitude is your thing, its wonderful. It is the only LEGAL nude beach in the Perth area, Swanbourne is the most well known, but is a legal grey area as its not official and not council land - it belongs to the army.

Warnbro nudies are usually very friendly and chatty if you stop when someone says hello - otherwise say hello and keep walking if u are a private person and no one will think you rude.
I've seen one website online when i googled Warnbro nude beach and there is a gay cruising site that mentions it, I think most of what they said was made up, while yes there are quite a few 30-60+ year old men around during weekdays in particular, its more of a mixed crowd on weekends and holidays. I don't think they are cruisers, some definitely couples, but I've never heard of anyone having a gay man try pick them up. Its mostly genuine nudies there who love the spot.

Great, crystel clear water for swimming, dunes behind you (and they are protected by law/environmental dept so its unlikely any funny business is going on in them)

Amazing spot, sad it took me so long to find it!

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