Crewing a yacht

9-31 May 2021


You will realise by now that I don’t run a big commercial operation. I enjoy sharing my sailing experience with others, especially naturists. I find a good balance is couples who may or may not know each other previously. While I don’t discriminate against gay couples I note there are many more opportunities for them elsewhere and far fewer for straight naturists.

In addition to food and drink on board the kitty should pay for overnight mooring (where required), diesel, laundry and other sundries. Eating out is pay as you go.

I ask for a ‘donation’ towards up-keep and maintenance of 20 euro pp/day.

Estimated costs per person for 7 days:
Kitty, approx 100
Maintenance Contribution (7x20=140).
Total 240 euro pp

Extras are meals out, shopping, flights etc.

I think this is very economical and offered on a friendly basis, assuming all crew members contribute to the tasks mentioned above.

Any questions please let me know.

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