2nd Rally to legalize Psychedelic Medicines and Nude Love Parade, San Francisco 2018-09-29

On a nice Saturday morning by 10:30-am half a dozen people were already setting up posters and sound equipment in front of the San Francisco City Hall. The rally was, of course aimed at legalizing psychedelic medicine, and although no-one seemed to behave strangely as if under the influence of something, the posters clearly indicated what the rally aimed at.

After a short while, closer to 11-am, various participants undressed, and some of the curious onlookers also stripped. Naturally, like usual for a public event where nudity is part of the display, onlookers were more numerous than the group of promoters, and they kept taking pictures galore.

A couple of wedding parties walked right through the exhibits on their way to City Hall entrance, and they only smiled at the posters and nudity. Not so with many bypassing cars and tourist buses from which howls of support sounded.

Nebo and Inti both played a guitar, and Inti also body-painted a few participants. Around 12:45-pm Gypsy set up a grouping and read up on her microphone several pages of information on the subject of psychedelics. After she finished, a few other persons also spoke on the subject.

By a quarter after 1:00-pm Gypsy organized a group photo of 17 persons of which nearly everyone was nude. Then it was time to pack up and commence the trek out Haight Street to Stanyan Street, accompanied by two uniformed female police officers, as well as two male officers. They arrived here around 3:30-pm, having lost nearly a third of the group on the way through Haight. The police permit gave the group the right to walk around nude till 4-pm, so it was just time for another few pictures before closing up for the day.

Leif Heilberg, September 2018

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc., vikingphoto@earthlink.net

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