World Naked Bike Ride, 8th Annual Earth Day, San Francisco, 2018-04-21

The last two weeks it had been raining cats and dogs, an extraordinary series of storms. The planned WNBR event looked rather uncertain.

Then, Mother Nature took pity on the naturists and changed the scheduled weather into an ideal couple of days of sunshine and warmth, attractive enough to hopefully draw in a sizeable crowd of naked bicyclists.

However, as they say, you can't judge a book by its cover, and gorgeous weather does not guarantee a large attendance. By 10 am not a soul had arrived, with or without a bicycle, scooter, skates, or any other rolling convenience. By 10:30 am the same had not changed, but the weather was brilliantly sunny with blue skies and only a slight breeze. It couldn't be better weather for our WNBR which was to start in less than 30 minutes.

At 10:53 am the first guy came, with a bicycle and stopped at the fence as if he planned to join the event. Let's 'see! At 11 o`clock yet another male bicyclist had arrived, locked his bike to a light stand, but did nothing else to join the event, like removing clothes. Then at 11:15 one other guy came; same story. Strange, for by this time normally all the regulars would have shown up, plus a few newcomers.

Twenty minutes later, and over a dozen showed up, Then another dozen a bit later, mostly new people. Among the latter, there were also two women. They were Julia who became topless from the moment she arrived, and Amelia (I believe) who became topless close to the time we departed. A few people smoked marijuana, to celebrate the yearly San Francisco event and also the new laws of dope freedom in California. To each his own, they say.

I concentrated on getting pictures, and the group left close to 12:30.

Leif Heilberg, April 2018

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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