Fine artist Natasha Brooks swims year round in the cold mountain lakes.

Her love of the fresh water coupled with her talent as an artist and photographer inspired her to make a short film, called “Blue Hue” about her skinny dipping experiences in Snowdonia.

The 36-year-old mum of two, who works as a gardener on Anglesey, has since been nominated and won a series of awards for the film, which was selected for the Canadian Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

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Master Booty
Well, that fresh cold Water, must be reaching the Parts, other fresh cold Water 's, would love to reach!

Well that certainly takes your breath away in more than one way. How you don’t end up with hypothermia Is beyond me. Beautifully shot as well. Loved it.

Love the musical accompaniment. Quite mystifyingly harmonious. Who are they? Beautiful voice. A symbiotic dalliance between naturism and the elements.

Great compliment, fantastic, I know the feeling and I also go naked into the water all year round to experience that feeling of connection with the elements. (Edwin / The Netherlands)

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