Girl in Suitcase

This film captures my performance of Girl in Suitcase at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice, on 4 August 2016. I had been invited by It's Liquid to participate at the opening of 'Fragmented Identities' - an exhibition within their wider 'Borders' festival.

Originally the performance was to be staged at Venice Art House but last-minute organisational changes on the night meant I relocated to the Ca' Zanardi and began much later than anticipated - the penultimate event at the end of a long schedule, by which time only a select audience of artists and performers was present. I was grateful for their interaction, and appreciated performing in the gold room.

The evening was sizzling hot. After several minutes curled up in the stifling suitcase, I could barely wait to tear off my bandages at the start. I am so happy that my Italian monologues were recorded and, although naturally I feel self-critical whilst watching the film, I am pleased with some of my moves and the way in which this performance has developed,.

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