Bay to Breakers, San Francisco 2016-05-15

Before the weekend the weather forecast had predicted low clouds and cool winds for Sunday, something tending to discourage race participants from disrobing. So, we would see fewer nude runners again this year.

Well, the prognosis was in error. Sunday morning early the sun showed its welcome face, and within the hour warmth was permeating the race course, One could hardly say there were many nudes, but scattered here and there they were still visible. Even missing out on a few that were hidden among groups of dressed runners, I managed to photograph mainly male nudes, with a minor scattering of females here and there. I did my job over the three hours that one usually can see the varieties of costumes in the race, and scan the crowds for possible nudes among them.

Spectators and fellow runners just smiled when they saw their nude runners among them, and police never interfered with them. So it was all peaceful and convivial, maybe a forecast for increased nudity in the 2017 Bay to Breakers race.

Leif Heilberg, May 2016.

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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