Protest of Anti-Nude Ban, Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco

Protest of Anti-Nude Ban, Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco, 2014-11-02

The core group of activists arrived about 12 noon and started setting up their posters, slowly but steadily getting ready by 1 p.m.

Now George, Gypsy and James began declaring their official protest by bullhorn (mega phone) while being semi-nude. Seeing no cops in attendance, within 10 minutes the three got completely nude and continued proving that Scott Wiener is not only an anti-nude fiend but corrupt as well, having accepted a $200,000 bribe while being a city councilor.

Around 1:30pm the protest declarations were finished, and dancing began, first Gypsy and James, and within minutes George joined in. A boom box provided music.

By a quarter to 2 cops had arrived, half a dozen of them, both with a patrol car and a paddy wagon and the sergeant threatened the protesters with arrest. Some narrow-minded idiot had obviously called them. But because the political spiel had already been presented while fully nude, the protesters now simply put on the minor items necessary to no longer be nude, only semi-nude. They were sex toys and – for George – a cock sock. Now that they were legal, the protesters continued their dancing, with the cops retreating to the shadows of the nearest building. Confrontation over and done with! I left at 2:20pm.

Leif Heilberg

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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